Students have been deep in thought to help public health officials launch a mental health campaign

Darlington Borough Council’s Public Health department will launch the initiative on December 19 with funding from NHS Darlington’s Future in Mind fund.

Second year Level 3 students studying art and design on the graphics, fine art and photography and first year graphics streams produced an array of designs using a variety of media.

Ten powerful images were chosen by public health portfolio lead Rachel Osbaldeston and Gareth Harrison of graphics company Clear Channel.

Miss Osbaldeston said: “One in ten young people experience mental health issues as do one in four adults. Social media, bullying and exam pressure can all lead to low level anxiety, depression and to more enduring conditions.

“Students have captured the very essence of the messages we are trying to get over in a very polished and professional way. It is easy to imagine any of them displayed on a bus shelter. The messages are clear and something young people will easily relate to.”

Darlington College tutor Pippa Eeles added: “The students have been working on the project since September, following on from a Legal Highs campaign we were asked to produce last year for Durham Constabulary.

“The fact that we have been asked again is validation of the quality of students’ work and I am delighted with the range of media they have used, including drawing, painting, photography and Photoshop, on what has been a challenging project.”

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