Garden Party at the Childcare Centre

The Garden Party is a yearly tradition and on the 16th May this wasn’t any different with the childcare centre hosting a fantastic party for both parents and children. It generated a great sense of community among all involved and was a brilliant way to raise funds for the centre.

The involvement from parents was phenomenal and many generously donated prizes to be used in raffles. Several local businesses also donated some fantastic items in particular for the adults, with places such as the tapas bar donating a meal voucher to be won.

The party also had a bake sale, with parents and staff providing delicious cakes and biscuits they had baked. It was incredible fun for the children, with staff painting their faces and overall providing them with an outstanding experience that they spent with their friends and family.

It also allowed staff to chat with parents in a more relaxed setting and helped them to form stronger relationships with them. You also have to commend the hard work staff put in to create such a wonderful event which will go a long way to help the centre.

The party truly was tremendous fun for all taking part and there is no doubt that the money raised will be used to improve the already excellent experiences of children attending the centre.

By Che Stephenson, Year 10 Work Experience Pupil working with Darlington College’s Marketing Team




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