How to apply for an Apprenticeship

To apply for an apprenticeship, please use the Find an Apprenticeship GOV.UK website, where you can browse by industry, search using keywords or browse all vacancies within your area. You can also call our Business Development Team on 01325 503031 to learn more.

Click here to see the latest list of live vacancies.

Are you already employed, or have a job already lined up? If your employer agrees and you have a job that would cover the requirements of the apprenticeship you’re interested in, you can still apply;

  • Find the apprenticeship via our Course Search page and complete the online application form, ensuring you select ‘Yes’ for ‘Do you currently have an employer suitable for your apprenticeship’ you will then be prompted to complete the Employer details.
  • You will be invited to attend the college for an interview with a Tutor and the Apprenticeship Team. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and learn more about your Apprenticeship.
  • You will receive an offer of a place after your interview, subject to your employment being secure.
  • Our Admissions team will send you a welcome pack that includes the time and date of enrolment for your Apprenticeship. If you are unable to make this enrolment date and time you must let us know and so we can arrange an alternative for you.
  • There are apprenticeships available throughout the year, however there are certain apprenticeships that predominantly begin in September such as the Early Years Educator and Teaching Assistant apprenticeships.
  • Why not attend one of our Open Events to talk to tutors, tour the college and find out what student life is all about here at Darlington College!


Go for it! If you’re ready for the challenge of an Apprenticeship, complete the online application form or contact the Course and Information Team on 01325 503030 for more information.