Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term used to describe when businesses look beyond their initial duty to their staff and customers (or students in the case of a college), and acknowledge that their actions have a wider impact. Undertaking a programme of CSR activities encourages businesses to operate in more sustainable, ethical and charitable ways.

The college students, staff and governors take social responsibilities very seriously and see this as an essential part of our business. As a large further education college and employer, we have a major role to play in the social and economic welfare of Darlington and the wider region, and an ethical responsibility to our planet.

As part of the college experience, students are encouraged to consider their own social responsibility through the tutorial programme which covers British Values and links to the college’s Mission and Values. We encourage our students to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, and make a positive contribution and economic well-being. Social responsibility also underpins many of the activities supported by the Student Liaison Team, and the college nominates a number of charities each year to support, both in fundraising and volunteering.

The college is committed to working positively to expand, develop and evaluate our sustainability programme to make sure that it contributes to the efficiency of the college.  We believe in educating staff as well as students about sustainable issues to help encourage a behavioural change. We encourage all staff and students to recycle waste and we have regular environmental group meetings to look at sustainability.

Darlington College works closely with businesses in the local community in a variety of ways. One example is through our Business Development Team, which ensures we directly meet the training needs of the region’s employers and maximises the employability of our students.